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Fill The Lead Qualification Gap With 3Tec Solutions Lead Qualification & Nurturing Services

You've got plenty of inbound sales leads coming in through various marketing channels but many of these leads are never qualified. Sound familiar? Are you giving up on good sales leads that don't respond to your initial email or first follow up call? Your lead nurturing process may have an easy to fix design flaw. If you don't have phone qualification in your lead nurturing workflow then you have a "qualification gap" and many of your sales leads are going to end up with an "inknown" lead score. By adding 3Tec Solutions phone qualification services to your lead nurturing process your piles of "unknown" leads that in the qualification gap will shrink and you can convert more leads into actionable opportunities.

Which of these scenarios best describes your lead nurturing challenge?

How Our Process Works: Bridging the "Qualification Gap":

All of the above challenges are caused by the existence of a qualification gap. For example if you are only using automated lead nurturing software and/or web forms to help you qualify leads, this is a good start, but it's not good enough because not all of your leads are being qualified. Automated lead qualification solutions typically deliver prospects that are actively shopping out a solution and have short-range urgency. But this is only a relatively small percentage of total leads. What about the other leads that have not responded to your email nurturing process? How do you qualify all of your leads and not just a small percentage of your total lead universe?

Our Solution: Live Sales Lead Qualification

In response to these concerns and to help our clients bridge the "qualification gap," Strategic Sales and Marketing (3Tec Solutions) is offering a specialized service: live inbound and/or outbound lead qualification.

3Tec Solutions offers a sales lead qualification team that serves as an extension of your sales and marketing department. We provide a team of trained sales reps to serve as your company's touch point for existing sales leads that fall into the qualification gap. This means that your in-house sales people only have to work with sales leads that have been adequately vetted and qualified up-front.

Add Live Inbound and/or Outbound Qualification to your lead nurturing process

We serve as your company's team to handle inbound and outbound sales inquiries. We provide an added level of support for your lead qualification efforts by:

Instead of chasing many unqualified leads, we help you make sure that your in-house sales reps are getting the best sales leads and that your sales team is aligned with the right opportunities.

Enhance the Power of Your Sales Team

The 3Tec Solutions lead qualification team operates as an extension of your organization. We'll pick up the phone, we'll respond to your PPC forms, we'll handle any direct mail responses we serve as the front end of your sales process. Instead of letting your sales leads talk to a receptionist or sales assistant, you're giving your leads to an extension of the sales team.

We can handle the complexity of multiple marketing campaigns. For example, if you have multiple toll free numbers for prospective customers to call, we can track and measure the success of different sources. We show you how many sales leads come in from each channel or from each campaign, and how many of those leads are actually qualified. For example, we'll show you if you get the most leads from Google, but maybe 90% of the leads are not good we'll give you insights that lead to better marketing strategy.

Depending on the scope of involvement that you want us to have, we can deliver any of the following lead qualification and lead nurturing services:

We do whatever it takes to handle your sales leads with a higher level of professionalism, while asking good lead-qualifying questions to sort out the highest priority leads. We make sure your sales people are working on the right opportunities, not wasting time on bad sales leads.

Working with your CRM system

Our team of sales reps and appointment setters are experienced in all of the major CRM systems, including Salesforce. We can easily integrate with your CRM system for a seamless exchange of customer data. Our goal every time is to be an extension of your sales team.

Lead Nurturing Advisory Services

Big and small companies have a complex array of channels and sources for inbound sales leads, ranging from pay-per-click ads to B2B publications to web forms to simple phone calls. We'll help you assess and re-engineer your internal processes to determine the best way to handle different types of inbound sales leads.

3Tec Solutions has over 25 years of experience in sales lead management. We can deliver a high level of support to recommend best practices and enhance your business operations.

For example, we develop extensive manuals for each of our clients' specific internal sales processes and business structure. We work with the client's leadership to align the entire inbound sales lead process with the client's in-house systems and processes. So if there are certain types of inbound sales inquiries about a certain product line, or inquiries coming from certain sources, we know how to put a consistent process in place so that the inquiry gets routed to the right people at your company.

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Major enterprise clients choose Strategic Sales & Marketing to be an extension of their organization for accepting and qualifying inbound sales leads. Our team of appointment setters and sales reps have over 25 years of experience in building customer relationships. Contact us today and let's talk about how we can support your in-house sales team.