About Us

The 3Tec Solutions strives to be the leader in every market we serve.

At 3Tec Solutions, we are always by our client's side while they go from strength to strength in achieving their goals. We are driven by RESULTS we achieve for our clients. Achieving their targets with single-minded, goal oriented methods, yielding only the most positive results for them. We work together as a team with them and settling for nothing less.

Whatever we do at 3Tec Solutions is result-oriented.



We know it is important for you to be able to trust that a high quality of service is maintained.


We've never been one for standing still, we love a challenge and are always looking to improve the service we offer.

Confidence & Trust

We treat you as partners, not client. We are completely confidential, trustworthy and most importantly, honest.


We are creative with our techniques, always looking to better our services by being innovative and new.


We love to work more like a partnership, it makes our relationships much more succesful, and the proof is in the results.

Sucess Stories


Optimizing the lead qualification process with a fusion of manual and automated strategy. This case study showcases the value of an ideal lead qualification system for a market leader in IT security industry. The solution ensured sophisticated handling of worthy leads, and zero waste of time and effort on dead leads. A combination of manual and automated qualification system coupled with scrutiny and update improved the reliability of the qualified leads multifold.


Enhancing the ROI from the Marketing Automation implementation with effective utilization of capabilities. This case study is great example of how 3Tec Solutions helped the client in achieving the very purpose of Marketing Automation. As it is said “technology is just a mean” and we need its efficient utilization to make a difference. With the crucial support of 3Tec Solutions clients moved up the value chain of utilization and optimization.


Completely revamping the prospect data management system to bring in new contacts and augment the value of the existing ones. This relationship was an eye-opener for the client in many ways. The client realized that the information retained in its Companies and Contacts database of the CRM and Marketing automation solution is almost meaningless and redundant. 3Tec Solutions created a long-term prospect data management