We provide multi-channel lead generation services that are designed to help get you in front of your target prospects at the best time when they are most interested and ready to listen to what you have to offer. With a focus on lead quality, 3Tec Solutions ensures you spend time only on leads that are highly closable.

Backed by over 10 years of solid lead generation experience in specialized industries and intuitive marketing technology, we give you the ability to scale your sales team to a marketing powerhouse as we utilize our mastery of the prospecting process over multiple channels voice, email, social, web and mobile. Equipped with an understanding of your business requirements, we design a lead generation solution that delivers simply what you need. :qualified sales leads and appointments.

Be it Customer Acquisition, Lead Qualification, Appointment Setting or Event Marketing with 3Tec Solutions Lead Generation Services, you will reach, or you could very well exceed, those target sales numbers and you will do it efficiently and consistently.

A Rich Source of B2B Lead Generation Resources at Your Fingertips!

Stay ahead of your competitors and improve your career IQ! We strive to provide you with effective techniques and resources to improve your B2B lead generation. Each month, we provide valuable resources (both complimentary and paid subscriptions) such as:

  • Slideshare Powerpoints
  • Case Studies
  • Infographics
  • Valuable Links
  • Process Documents
  • Samples
  • Insight to Proven Strategies
  • and more!

3Tec's Universal Definition of a Lead.

  • Right Company
  • Right Person
  • Real Pain Point
  • Realistic Decision Timeline
  • Willingness To Engage