3Tec Solutions Strives to be the Leader in Every Market We Serve.

Integrating marketing tools, technologies and people skills. Whether it is lead generation, account mapping or marketing support programs, we deliver measurable results. At 3Tec Solutions we help you bridge the gap between the latest CRM software or sales automation solutions and real-life customer relations. The result is maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

The 3Tec Solutions Group has provided exceptional lead generation, strategic marketing advice and tactical support programs to a wide range of products and services. When you want results, rely on Full Spectrum Marketing from The 3Tec Solutions.

A Rich Source of B2B Lead Generation Resources at Your Fingertips!

Stay ahead of your competitors and improve your career IQ! We strive to provide you with effective techniques and resources to improve your B2B lead generation. Each month, we provide valuable resources (both complimentary and paid subscriptions) such as:

  • Slideshare Powerpoints
  • Case Studies
  • Infographics
  • Valuable Links
  • Process Documents
  • Samples
  • Insight to Proven Strategies
  • and more!

3Tec's Universal Definition of a Lead.

  • Right Company
  • Right Person
  • Real Pain Point
  • Realistic Decision Timeline
  • Willingness To Engage