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Years with 3Tec


Based in Mountain View, California, Wrike is a popular project management application service provider. Their primary product is an online tool for project management and work collaboration with notable enterprise customers such as PayPal, Hootsuite, Hawaiian Airlines, and HTC.

3Tecsolutions specializes in B2B lead generation for business technology companies

Lead generation is one of the top challenges for the modern B2B organization. In part, that’s because marketers have yet to pin down the most effective practices, media, and technology.  Rather than see their budgets bottom out, many organizations augment their programs with help  from a third-party agency. At 3Tecsolutions, we specialize in B2B marketing and lead  generation for business technology companies. We build relationships with vendors, learn their  products, and connect buyers with the best solutions for their needs. In this case study, we’ll  outline a recent success story from one of our clients — Wrike (Project Management Software)

The Challenge

Wrike has quickly grown over the past year with the launch of a few new features and integrations. As they have looked to fuel their growth, they were hoping to be proactive and educate companies about the importance of work management and collaboration best practices.

Wrike partnered with 3Tecsolutions to create a program that would drive both TOFU and BOFU leads for their sales team.


3Tecsolutions built a healthy mix of both outbound and inbound campaigns for Wrike that have become an integral part of their marketing strategy. As a result of “the great work of 3Tec experts who collect information about what leads we are looking for” — they received highly targeted leads that were ready to discuss their needs and how Wrike satisfies them. The outbound campaign looked at leads based on the following criteria:

“Using the information provided by 3tecsolutions, our SDRs can quickly adapt their script to the particular lead. Knowing their needs beforehand helps personalize positioning of our brand. This approach allows us to convert more 3tec leads faster.”
Lead Generation Manager

300 MQLs

3tecsolutions generated and delivered 300 MQLs for Wrike

Full-Funnel Contributions

Simultaneous TOFU and BOFU campaigns allowed for full-funnel pipeline contributions.

20% Growth

The conversion rate to opportunity was 20% higher than a regular product trial.