Lead Generation


Lead Generation

We provide multi-channel lead generation services that are designed to help get you in front of your target prospects at the best time — when they are most interested and ready to listen to what you have to offer. With a focus on lead quality, 3Tec Solutions ensures you spend time only on leads that are highly closable.

We help you choose the right outreach channel. More target prospects get moved through your opportunity funnel with the help of our critical behavior insights.


Data Driven Strategy For Maximized Results

Our lead qualification expertise, gives your team the intelligence, tools, and assistance required to convert leads. All our leads are verified through a rigorous quality assurance process before they make it into your funnel. Our lead preference mechanism helps you gauge audience interest. We rigorously map prospects based on intent levels. You can build on the relationship you’ve already begun during prospecting and nurturing phases with our marketing and sales ready leads.


Prospects Are Progressed Through Potential Stages With One Single Outreach.

  • STAGE 1Agility

    Content Syndication

  • STAGE 2

    Telephone Verification

  • STAGE 3

    Marketing Ready Leads

  • STAGE 4

    Sales Ready Leads

Find Success at every phase of a Progressive Lead

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