Getting Started With A Social Media Branding Strategy

Optimizing your social media branding strategy is critical if you’re trying to increase interaction and engagement among your audience. You could have tens of thousands of fans on your Facebook page, for example, but you’re probably not seeing an increase in ROI if no one is interacting with your posts.

The ultimate goal of any social media community is to increase consumer trust among your brand. We’re sharing valuable insights to help your brand create an engaging and memorable social media experience.

Social Media Branding

If your current social media branding strategy isn’t driving results, follow these tips to increase engagement, customer satisfaction and ROI:

  1. Discover your brand’s purpose
  2. Decide on a voice, tone and point of view
  3. Humanize your content
  4. Use automation, but not for everything
  5. Use analytic tools to measure activity

Discover Your Brand’s Purpose

One of the most essential steps to take before planning your social media branding strategy is to identify your brand’s purpose. If you don’t know where to start, begin by looking at your company’s mission statement.

Consider your brand’s vision, and think about how you want your audience to view your brand. This will help to provide you an understanding of how your brand should portray itself on social media. With each piece of content you share, keep in mind your business objectives.

Decide On A Voice, Tone & Point Of View

After discovering your brand’s purpose, it’s time to find your brand’s voice, tone and point of view. Consumers are swarmed with hundreds of social media advertisements each day, and we recognize that it can be difficult to stand out from the competition.

Acknowledging your audience and making them feel like part of a community shows that your brand is genuine and helps to gain consumer trust. And that trust may turn into customer loyalty.

Remember how we said to keep in mind your business objectives with each post? With each piece of content you share, consider how it relates back to your goals. If you think your content could be communicated in a more effective way, try changing your voice, tone or point of view – just make it sound like a human wrote it.

Humanize Your Content

Ah! You’ve stumbled upon a brand that looks interesting on social media. Their photos capture your attention, so you look more into the company. The moment you notice the content sounds like it was written by a robot, you immediately lose trust in the brand.

As consumers, we’ve all been there at one point or another. Instill trust among consumers by humanizing your content. Content that sounds like it was written by a human – better yet, someone that consumers can relate to – will pave the way for more engagement.

Use Automation, But Not For Everything

We know, we just emphasized the importance of humanizing your content – but that doesn’t mean you can’t use automation! We encourage using automation to schedule and post content.

However, when it comes to social media comments with questions or concerns from customers, do not automate your replies. Instead, take the time to reply uniquely to each individual’s question. Not only does this make customers feel recognized, it also shows your brand cares.

Here at Groove, we like to use and Buffer to schedule and send out social media posts automatically. No matter the software you use, don’t forget to optimize the content for each individual post so that your audience can relate and engage with your brand.

Use Analytic Tools To Measure Activity

Social media is one of the most prevalent channels of communication, with 97% of marketers using social media to reach their audiences. That being said, your social media branding strategy should contribute significantly to your ROI.

If you’re not seeing results, we highly recommend investing in an analytics tool to measure your activity. You’ll gain an understanding of your brand’s performance, like the content that’s performing well and the content that’s unfavorable to your ROI.


Customers will care about your brand if they feel your brand cares for them. Prioritizing consumers and their unique questions, remaining human, and showing authenticity while keeping your goals in mind contribute to a strong social media branding strategy.

We hope these valuable insights have inspired you to optimize your branding! By following these tips, you can expect to see an increase in engagement, customer satisfaction and ROI.

If you have additional questions or would like to learn more about how Groove can help your business create an effective social media branding strategy, contact us through the form below. Our team will be happy to help!

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